Art Exhibition a Shore Hit with the Locals

National Recycling Week was celebrated in style this year, with the opening of the Marine Debris Art Exhibition at the Arts Cultural Development Council (ACDC) gallery in Geraldton last Friday.

The free exhibition runs until November 19 and features 35 incredible works of art made entirely from rubbish and items washed up and collected on local beaches.

Each piece was crafted by a creative community member, under the guidance of Midwest artist Rose Holdaway during the Geraldton Community Marine Debris Art Workshops held last month

Workshop participant Alexis Surmon enjoyed the process and supported the cause.

“I had so much fun turning marine debris into art, and I am so happy that people appreciate the end result,” she said. “I highly recommend NACC’s Marine Debris Art Workshops and I encourage people to collect rubbish from our beaches whenever you can.”

This is the second year in a row that the popular workshops and exhibition have been hosted by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, raising awareness of the importance of reducing waste, recycling and ‘keeping plastic off our plates’.

Pam Sherlock took part in the event last year and said the pieces of art created have been incredible. “It was really lovely to get to talk to the people who collected the debris and made the art,” she said. “It was great to know that whilst there were some established artists there were also quite a few self-proclaimed “non-creative” people as well”.

This project is funded by the Waste Authority through the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Account and delivered in partnership with the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council, City of Greater Geraldton, ACDC – Arts & Cultural Development Council of Geraldton, Rose Holdaway and MEEDAC Inc.

YOU CAN recycle in Geraldton!


Find out more on the NACC website.

For additional information, please contact NACC’s Sustainability Coordinator Emma Jackson or call 08 9938 0104.

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