App-reciate your beach!

The holidays are over but fun on the beach doesn’t have to be.

There are still many daylight hours left after the school day is done, to get back on the beach and enjoy the rays, waves and the many treasures that it holds – after homework of course!

Discover your local beach with NACC's Beachcomber App.
Discover your local beach with NACC’s Beachcomber App.

With the many tools currently available to us, time spent at the beach can now be full of learning.  In 2013, NACC, together with WA’s Department of Fisheries, developed the Beachcombers app from the popular printed version of the Beachcombers Field Guide.

Do you know what an Ascidian is? Could you identify one if you saw it?

You can now with help from NACC’s free to download Beachcombers app.

Ascidians come in many shapes and sizes from sacs that are commonly mistaken for sponges, to an encrusting slimy layer on rocks.  Although they don’t look like much, ascidians are actually related to humans – having a basic backbone of rod cells (notochords) in their larval stages of life, just like a vertebrate.

Learning doesn’t have to stop when the school bell rings and NACC is committed to raising community awareness and appreciation of the undeniable assets we have at our doorstep by continuing to develop simple information tools such as this.

So grab your smartphone now and search for “beachcomber” in the Google® Play and Apple’s® App Store to get beachcombing today.

Don’t forget to stay on designated paths and to just leave your footprints in the sand.

Happy Beachcombing!!

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