Another inspiring women’s event

Morawa Agricultural College student’s with Teacher Ms Hollamby, NACC Chair Jill Wilson and NACC Natural Resource Management Officer Jude Sutherland

”Inspiring”. That was the word on the lips of just about everyone who attended the Liebe Women’s Day in Dalwallinu last Tuesday.

As one of the most successful women’s event in the region, this year’s Liebe Women’s Day once again brought an array of rural women from across the region together – including eight female students from Morawa Agricultural College whom NACC sponsored to attend.

The idea of attending the Women’s Field day was initiated by the students, said Ms Hollamby Teacher at Morawa Agricultural College.

“They were keen to attend, so it was our pleasure to help them make it happen – by seeking the funding through NACC,” she said.

The speakers on the day range included bankers, farmers, accountants and life coaches who all contributed to the event’s aim of inspiring, informing and encouraging women in agriculture.

NACC Natural Resource Management Officer Jude Sutherland said, “The atmosphere truly was inspiring. All of the participants, including the students, were eager to listen and learn, and be inspired by the speakers’ and other participants’ experiences around current hot topics for regional women.”

College Captain, Tiarna Kanny enjoying the presentations at Liebe Women’s Day
College Captain, Tiarna Kanny enjoying the presentations at Liebe Women’s Day

“In this current environment – with high technology and the ever-increasing pressure to get it just right and technology moving at such a rapid rate – the rural business is often a family business with women playing a vital role in the operational and financial management, and the planning for future generations. Everyone is having to be on board to achieve a common goal,” She said.

The students all agreed that their favourite speaker was Fleur Porter who explained the importance of finding your passion, your magic and then creating the steps to make it happen.

NACC is a proud supporter and partner of the Liebe Group who are always looking for women who want to be involved in their Women’s Committee. If interested, please contact the Group at

The Morawa Agricultural College student’s attendance was supported by NACC’s Biodiversity Program, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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