Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

Annual Report 2014-2015




Jill Wilson

Chair Report

“It is with great pride that I report on the annual activities of NACC.
The organisation is in great shape and powering ahead with an energetic and innovative program.”
Richard McLellan

CEO's Message

“Coming to NACC from a global role in Switzerland, but originally from a very local role on a farm near Kellerberrin, I’m very excited to be a part of [NACC’s] future.”

Organisation Overview

This year saw a transition from the old “CFOC” (Caring for our Country) funding to a re-badged “NLP” (National Landcare Program). All deliverables under CFOC were met and the staff did a magnificent job to manage some of the intricacies of the transition to the new program which required a re-focus on funding for community engagement. While we have always had strong community programs, this did require re-alignment of some of our activities to the goals of the new program.
Jill Wilson, Chair
Community groups engaged (including Schools)
Environmental monitoring pictures uploaded to the Photomon database
Hectares of environmental works conducted
Dollars of NLP funding spent on community groups (about 29%)

Organisation Highlights

NRM Planning for Climate Change (NARvis)
“This is a great concept – an interactive strategic plan enabling each community to share their environmental knowledge, passions and any current projects. The challenge will be to market this opportunity to engage the various communities to participate. It has the potential to become a great resource for information and resource sharing for NACC. Well done to everyone involved.”

Jenny Kelly

NACC Brand & Community
“In brief, NACC is clearly a leader. This latest improved newsletter is good.
Thank you for working to improve what is already a really good publication and organisation.”

Sean Hickey

Program Impact

The team, although challenged by a reduction in funding this year (compared to previous years), has risen to the challenge with a new focus on results and outcomes; on passion and perseverance; on partnerships and collaboration; on magnification and value-adding; and on the culture and values of this “almost-twenty-something” organisation.
Richard McLellan, CEO


During the past year, NACC’s Biodiversity Program maintained a strong focus on protecting the region’s habitat of threatened species and ecological communities, along with protecting riparian vegetation and managing invasive species in our waterways.



Coastal & Marine

NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program continues to protect the region’s sensitive coastal and marine ecosystems through a number of strategies – including on-ground restoration works, community-based monitoring programs, development of partnerships, and community engagement activities.

Sustainable Agriculture

In 2014-15, NACC’s Sustainable Agriculture Program team focused on addressing some of the key threats to land health – such as salinity, soil acidity, non-wetting soils, wind erosion, invasive plants and animals, climate change, and threatening land management practices.



Indigenous Participation

NACC’s Indigenous Participation team worked closely with NACC Program Coordinators, to encourage Aboriginal participation in all areas of NACC’s work. They also worked with Aboriginal people to protect land and natural assets of significant indigenous cultural and spiritual meaning.


Auditors conducted whole of project-program audits, including all processes which resulted in all program reporting systems having excellent traceability.
Yvonne Marsden, Treasurer

Funding Trends

NACC Financial Trends