All the right signs for rivers and wetlands

It’s a good sign for revegetation projects in the NAR.

NACC’s Perenjori staff have been busy undertaking site visits and meeting up with local farmers to sign-off their fences and revegetation projects.

Richard Crombie and his daughter Louise
Richard Crombie and his daughter Louise Will show us their site.

The recent rains might not have been timely for local farmers however they have certainly freshened-up the seedlings and they are flourishing.

During a site visit in Watheroo with Louise Will, the daughter of Richard Crombie, Louise said it was great to see these native tree belts being replanted, keeping in mind the mix of species selected to replant should be of local provenance, bringing about a happy balance with pests and nature.

It’s a great time of year to be out walking around these sites to see all the hard work pay-off after just a few months. Fences have been erected and plants in the ground, a great result for the region.

For any further information please contact Jude Sutherland at or Sarah Gilleland at or at the Perenjori Office on 9973 1444.

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