Adapting to a changing world

As always, it was a pleasure talking to ABC Midwest this week about some of the great work being done around the NACC region by community groups and other partner organisations.

Primarily we were talking about the recipients of National Landcare Programme funding which we’ve just handed-out under our latest Biodiversity Community Grants. To see who were successful in getting funding, and the great work that they will be undertaking, have a look here.


One innovative project that created special interest during my interview on ABC Midwest was a grant to the Perenjori Farming Forward group to provide fire education to younger farmers and farm workers in the region to achieve better safety, and fire control and management outcomes.

This is a really important, and forward-thinking, initiative on the part of the leadership of Perenjori Farming Forward. Recent bushfires in our region – such as those near Dandaragan and Wedge Island last week – as well as those elsewhere in Western Australia, Tasmania, and indeed all around the country, have really highlighted the growing gap between our ability to deal with bushfires and the number, scale and intensity of these infernos.

NACC is proud to support this endeavour, as I think we all need to better support rural fire-fighting capacity.

All around Australia, and indeed elsewhere around the world, firefighters are leading the call for more attention, more funding, more firefighters and greater preparation to meet the challenge of changing fire regimes.

Changing climatic conditions and the consequential changing environments require changes in fire-fighting approaches and resource allocation.

I congratulate Perenjori Farming Forward (and indeed all of the recipients of our Biodiversity Community grants – about whose work you’ll be hearing more in future editions of NACC Notes).

I’ll also congratulate in advance those farmers who will be sharing their adaptation stories and experience at our Productive Farming Future Forum: Agriculture in a changing climate meeting which is being held in Coorow next week – on Wednesday 10 February.

Sharing knowledge, better understanding issues, and how to take action – whether it be about fighting bushfires or how to farm more sustainably under increasingly challenging environmental conditions – will help ensure that our communities, our economies, our natural landscapes (and the ecosystem services that they provide) continue well into the future.

Richard McLellan


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