Act now! If you want to vote at the NACC AGM in October

If any eligible NACC Notes readers want to be able to vote at NACC’s AGM in October and contribute to the future direction of the organisation, then you must be a registered NACC Member by 31 August 2016.

Being a NACC member is easy, and free, and so much more than just being a NACC Notes subscriber. Contact us today, and find-out how easy it is to become a NACC member, and find-out about the benefits.

Have your say

All NACC members receive the NACC Annual Report and are encouraged to attend the NACC Annual General Meeting.  Members are also eligible to stand for election to the NACC Board to have a direct say in NACC’s direction. Held every two years, the next Board election will be in October 2017.

Be first in line for events and workshops

Find out what NACC is doing in working with the community, industry and government across a range of exciting and innovative initiatives aimed at protecting the unique land, water and wildlife across the region, and learn about new environmental opportunities.

But wait there’s more

Not only that but … membership is free! And every name added to the NACC membership list makes NACC stronger and more connected with its community. And that makes a difference.

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