Act Now! Show Your Support for Continued NRM and Landcare Funding

NRM2The current Australian Landcare and NRM programs support activity at the regional, sub-regional and local level in Western Australia.

This is incredibly important funding for all people and groups that do work on land, biodiversity, coastal and marine and other natural

resources. This includes small community groups, farmer R&D groups, all the way through to the seven regional NRM organisations, and NGO’s in this sector.

This current budget cycle is a very tough one. Everyone understands the fiscal constraints faced by the current Australian Government. However it is critical that the Australian Government hears how important this funding is to you, your community and your community group (whatever level you are at).

The total level of NRM funding to WA in the four year budget cycle is approx $117M. (This does not include other programs such as climate change and the biodiversity fund.) This funding is currently committed, and contracts are signed, but we need to make sure the new Government honours these contracts to the letter in the budgetary processes.

Please take this opportunity to ring your local Member, your WA Senators, other WA MP’s and any Ministers you are able to contact.

When you ring ensure the office logs your call and understands your 100% COMMITMENT to ensuring the current funding levels to the Australian Landcare and NRM programs. At this stage, time is critical so don’t write a letter or email – make lots of phone calls.

Please call your local MP, and ensure other members of your community group do the same. It would be extremely timely to ring all WA Senators who are contesting Senate seats in the upcoming senate

election. Please ask that they pass this feedback onto Minister Hunt (Minister for the Environment) and Minister Joyce (Minister for Agriculture). Please also log a call to the Ministers Offices and their electorate offices.

If you care about looking after your own local, natural environmental assets – your soils, your beaches, your native flora and fauna – now is the time to make calls to express your STRONG SUPPORT for the funding of this sector.

Act Now… the outcome from budget processes is in your hands.

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