Aboriginal Custodianship Team Takes on the National Landcare Conference

From the 22nd to the 26th of August 2022, some of our Aboriginal Custodianship team attended the National Landcare Conference in Sydney. We extended this opportunity to two of our MARP Rangers, Nathaniel Clinch (Western Mulga), and Kane Shaw from Kwelena Mambakort Aboriginal Corporation (KMAC).

As part of the conference, the team took a ferry trip on the Hawkesbury River departing from Brooklyn Wharf and heading for Bar Island. We traveled to Hornsby Council’s state-of-the-art Warada Ngurang community nursery at Pennant Hills where we were greeted with a Smoking Ceremony undertaken by a local Aboriginal Elder Uncle Lawrence. The staff and local volunteers led us on a tour of the nursery starting with seed collection and the onsite seed storage facility, sustainable irrigation techniques, and innovative shade houses for a myriad of healthy local plants.

NACC NRM Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator Priscilla Papertalk reflected on the Welcome to Country performed by Yvonne Weldon, saying she could feel the significance of the welcoming.

“It was a really good feeling sitting on Gadigal Country, and the Aboriginal dancers performing was an awesome start to the awards night,” said Priscilla.

Our team had the privilege to present experiences from the Mid West Aboriginal Ranger Program at this conference. Rangers Kane Shaw and Nathaniel Clinch represented the achievements of the Program, their teams, and themselves. Our teams showed slideshows about working on Country and what it means to them. Working along their Elders and being taught by them.

Western Mulga Ranger Nathaniel Clinch said he felt proud and like he had found his place in the world.

“I set my mind to what my Pop showed me first; he introduced me to the Ranger Program and I have been carrying that on for seven years,” said Nathaniel.

“I have been trying to make him proud, and my family, it makes me feel good as a person to represent family and friends, and show pride to the younger community. Show them there is a way.”

“As Rangers we try to stand up for the youth, and show them there is a better way to connect to land and country.”

Our team has been excited to learn from an experience such as the Landcare Conference and meeting new people who have the same passion for Landcare as us.

Another attending Ranger from KMAC, Caleb Shaw said landcare is for everyone.

“Landcare is not just for a particular group of people; no matter how old or how young, anyone can take part in caring for the land we live on,” Caleb said.

It was good to take the group over to see how other Aboriginal Ranger Programs are managed and developed or delivered in partnership with likeminded organisations. This was an opportunity to see what they could bring back home and what could work for us on our land.

The participating team are now eager to learn a lot more, and support the other Rangers to take opportunities like this, sharing their skills on the national stage and learning from others.

Priscilla Papertalk – Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator

Taj Mamid – Mid West Aboriginal Ranger Program Administration Support Officer

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