A taste of history: Race Course paddock

The NACC Aboriginal Participation team working on-site.
The NACC Aboriginal Participation team working on-site.

It was a day rich in soil and cultural history for those out in Northampton this week.

As part of NACC’s Aboriginal Participation Prison Project, NACC staff, Greenough Regional Prison representative Officer Harrop and seven inmates spent a day planting about 450 tree seedlings at the Aboriginal burial site on Horrocks Road.

NACC’s Aboriginal Liaison Officer Claude McGuire said the excursion offered an opportunity to learn about the history and significance of the burial site.

“Only two of the prisoners out of the group had been to the site before, so I explained the importance of the burial place,” he said.

“When the old people were buried, they were buried sitting upwards looking out to sea.

“This is where a lot of people used to meet from as far away as Wiluna, Murchison and down towards Irwin.”

Mr McGuire said as part of the field day, prisoners also learnt the work NACC offers and the partnerships shared with local Aboriginal people.

“I spoke to the group and explained how important revegetation is in protecting the sites and in particular how important it is to be working in conjunction with local Aboriginal people,” he said.

After the planting, prisoners were also taken to Willy gully, near Bowes River, and showed a few of the cave paintings.

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