A Seed is a Start

It starts with a seed. This month NACC NRM, collaborating with the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER), and others kicked off ‘Seed collection for Northern Ecological Linkages offsets’.

This project involves seed collection, which will contribute to broader offsets projects under the Offsets Fund for Recovery (OFFR) program. Not only will the seeds be used for revegetation, but the project is also providing opportunities for people whose employment has been impacted by COVID-19 over the past 14 months.

Employment and training are focus points of the initiative, which will deliver community and environmental outcomes in collaboration with training providers, seed collection professionals and private landholders. The hands-on training also provides diverse opportunities for participants.

Seed will be collected and processed in accordance with current best practice through partnerships with GreenOil Nursery, Parscape, Western Mulga, and Batavia Coast Maritime Institution (BCMI) TAFE. To get the project underway BCMI TAFE kicked off proceedings with a group training session. Once in the field, activities will include collecting seed from priority vegetation types – where seed collection is permitted – and seed cleaning and sorting.

Conservation and Land Management Lecturer, Maryke Gray says the project is a unique opportunity.

“Students can get involved in real work placement and develop their skills with local professionals,” said Maryke, who took the group through their training.

A variety of sites relevant to priority Geraldton Sandplains vegetation types have been identified for this project. These have been – and will continue to be – identified in partnership with private landholders, project partners and service providers with full consideration for seed provenance, land access permissions and longer term on-ground outcomes of the Northern Ecological Linkages project.

This project is made possible by the State Government’s Green Jobs Plan, part of the WA Recovery Plan.

Kane Watson – Programs & Operations Manager

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