Day off the paddock, just as productive

It’s not very often you can get farmers away from their farms, but this event has proved otherwise.

The recent Regional Cropping Solutions Network meeting, held in Mingenew, brought together industry representatives, growers and local community members to discuss projects and trials run in the region.

The event, hosted by the Grain Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), offered presentations by their staff on current projects and trials in the area and investment priorities and ideas identified.

People network and share their ideas and experiences as part of GRDC's event.
People network and share their ideas and experiences as part of GRDC’s event.

NRM Officer Rodger Walker attended the Grain Research and Development Corporation’s event which he said: “proved very valuable.”

“The event was a great way for attendees to voice their ideas for GRDC’s valuable research and development program, and seek direct feedback from their staff,” he said.

“It also presented an informal opportunity to catch-up with growers, representatives of groups and agribusiness staff to discuss the agricultural industry and current issues.

“Well done to the GRDC and their facilitator Julianne Hill for this valuable event.”

For further information, please visit the Regional Cropping Solutions Network website.

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