A New Skill-Based Project Reference Group Formed to Guide the Future Direction of NACC Landcare Work in the Region

NACC’s RLF Stanley Yokwe at the New Norcia/Calingirri LCDC field walk. Far-left is Sarah Mason, New Norcia/Calingirri LCDC Secretary.

Under the National Landcare Programme, the Australian Government funds a Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) position in each of the 56 natural resource management regions.The RLF for the Northern Agricultural Region is hosted by NACC and works out of NACC’s Geraldton Office, but travels throughout the region to work with community Landcare groups, grower groups and related community organisations to support and improve their capacity in activities that lead to sustainable agricultural outcomes.

To ensure the RLF meets the community needs and stays across relevant landcare issues in the region, NACC recently appointed five skill-based Project Reference Group comprising of representatives from a cross-section of the community including community Landcare, Grower Groups, and the Department of Agriculture and Food.

The focus of the new PRG will be on extension and networking – facilitating access to information and expertise; and providing advice to the RLF on how best to engage the community Landcarers and support them to achieve the National Landcare Programme objectives and outcomes (whilst taking into account the Natural Resource Management Officers involvement with the community in the region).

“I’m very excited about the formation of the new PRG and I look forward to working with the groups and taking NACC landcare work in the region to a new height,” said NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator Stanley Yokwe.

“As Landcare Is For Everyone (L.I.F.E), I am also keen to hear from anyone in the landcare movement at any time. Please don’t hesitate to let me know your views on landcare issues in our region,” said Mr Yokwe.

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