A Fab Day at Fig Tree Crossing

At the end of June, NACC NRM supported a community planting day at Fig Tree Crossing in partnership with local grassroots community group, For A Better Chapman Valley (FABCV).

This event saw community members getting out into nature, supporting their local catchment, and learning about the importance of native remnant vegetation and revegetation. Participants learned how to appropriately plant a site and better understand the preparation for a revegetation project. All while planting out over 1,000 native seedlings!

A group of more than twenty-five passionate local participants, ranging in ages and backgrounds, joined us on a sunny Sunday afternoon to get hands-on in supporting their local catchment. It was a positive, inspiring event where children and adults alike came along to enjoy the benefits of tree planting—a great example of community collaboration to maintain excellent outcomes for the Chapman River and the catchment overall.

So far, the plants have received a decent rainfall and will hopefully have a good establishment success rate. We cannot wait to see the long-term results!

Later down the track, NACC NRM also supported the FABCV group in organising another event, this time with school students from Yuna, Binnu, and Chapman Valley Primary Schools. The students planted trees and learned about the importance of native vegetation, regenerative practices on farms, and catchment health. This was an excellent opportunity to discuss the future of the local catchment with the next generation of future leaders and landholders.

Thanks to Megan of FABCV for organising these two fabulous community events!

These events were supported by funding from the Western Australian Government’s State NRM Program.

Annabelle Garratt – Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

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Terrific to see our next generations getting involved & learning the many benefits of our plants systems & hopefully the fauna that resides among them.

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