A changing of the guard

It’s going to be hard to believe … but as of October this year, NACC’s Board meeting minutes won’t have either of the names of Jill Wilson and Yvonne Marsden listed among the attendees.

Jill and Yvonne’s names have been associated with the Board, and NACC in more general terms, ever since we were first established – as NAIMS in 1997.

As we approach this year’s AGM, and the intervening Board elections, Jill and Yvonne are happily looking forward to other ways to occupy their time, having both decided to step-down from their NACC Board Director duties and pursue other interests. Be assured though, I am sure that both will still be working tirelessly to advance “Sustainable NRM” in the NACC NRM region.

Their departure means that the Board is now looking to fill two vacant director positions in the 2017 elections which get underway this month.

A reminder to members

All NACC members should be receiving their ballot papers for the 2017 Board elections sometime in the week beginning Monday 14 August. If you’re a member, and haven’t received ballot papers by 21 August, please get in touch with the NACC office.

And, once you have received them, please vote!

Our Board is a skills-based board, so we’re keen to have a full complement of excellent and relevant skills shared between the seven directors who will oversee the organisation and its activities for the next two years.

We’ve been lucky to have the likes of Jill and Yvonne contributing to the organisation over the past 20 years, and look forward to two new directors joining the Board and making their own unique contributions to a sustainable future for the region.

Richard McLellan



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Can i congratulate both Jill and Yvonne on there long standing participation. 20 years is a significant contribution to NACC and the environment.

Well Done

Can I humbly concur with David B above and offer best wishes to both Jill and Yvonne into the future?

I am sure both pairs of hands will not be idle 🙂

Respect and regards


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