3..2..1.. CLEAN!

 Three bikes, two wheelie bins and one pram:  All this and more was pulled out of the river as part of the Chapman River Clean Up.

Twenty eight passionate community members joined Chapman River Friends, Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) and the City of Greater Geraldton as part of the annual Clean Up Australia Day.

Volunteers, both young and… less young, pulled on their gloves (or jumped into kayaks) and spent their Sunday morning picking up rubbish both among the trees and in and under the water.

clean up

Various items were collected and included bikes, scooter, prams, soft drink cans, fast food wrappers, baby seats, household rubbish, fishing gear, wheelie bins, clothing and cardboard boxes.Thanks to these dedicated volunteers the park’s 300 plus hectares of remnant native vegetation is now a cleaner, safer place for its 300 species of native plants, more than 123 recorded species of bird and the many reptiles, frogs, echidnas and kangaroos that call the park their home.

Congratulations to all the community members who participated in Clean Up Australia Day 2016 across the Northern Agricultural Region and remember “Every Day is Clean Up Australia Day”.

Did you know? Plastics are the most common rubbish item found on Clean Up Australia Day, representing over 30% of all rubbish collected over the past 10 years. Most plastic is not biodegradable and will survive in the environment for hundreds of years. Rather than biodegrading, plastic photodegrades, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces. Plastic is also lightweight and moisture resistant, meaning it can float easily in air and water, and travel long distances.



the beautiful yr 6 students from Leaning Tree Community school where there the day before…with the ever passionate environment loving teacher Lisa Keefe…hopefully there was a little less for you to collect 🙂


Thanks for your comment. NACC and Chapman River Friends actually collaborated with Leaning Tree on this clean up. The students focused on the the west side of Chapman Road and Chapman River Friends the east side, plus the river itself.

Great team effort!


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