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Annual Report 2019-2020

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

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Acknowledgement of Country

NACC NRM acknowledges the Traditional Owners and original natural resource managers of the land and sea country of the Northern Agricultural Region. NACC NRM’s activities are conducted on the lands of the Yamaji and Noongar peoples; we acknowledge their elders past present and future for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and the hopes of Aboriginal Australia.

Chair's Report

"For the entirety of its existence NACC NRM has been about resilience as it applies to the environment, ecosystems and agriculture of the Northern Agricultural Region. In each of these aspects of Natural Resource Management we have had some clear wins; some honourable draws and while I am not willing to concede to an outright loss there are some decisions still pending"

CEO's Report

"Opportunities, Collaborations and Partnerships

Community engagement continues to be a critical pillar of NACC NRM operations. I am excited to report that 2019-20 has seen an invigoration of this pillar across our activities. A notable achievement in this space has been the re-establishment of Coastcare Support Services for which the organisation has provided seed funding using NACC NRM reserves."

Treasurer's Report

"You will recall our cautious optimism as NACC NRM moved to the procurement model under the Regional Land Partnerships Program of the National Landcare Program phase 2.  Under this model, we continue to engage with the Australian Government, seeking funding for additional NAR projects. "

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"There remains one issue of increasing concern to me and that is our dependence on the Commonwealth Government for both our core and project funding. If we are to be truly resilient into the future and to be able to address regional as well as state and national priorities, we need to diversify our resource base and funding sources."

Rob Keogh, Chair

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Community Reach

Staying Connected Through COVID

The past twelve months have had their fair share of challenges, the obvious one being a global pandemic. In March of 2020, the NACC NRM team packed up their desks and for three months worked from home where children, partners and pets became background noise to countless online meetings. Home learning, video conferences and a slightly relaxed dress code became the new normal.

However, in a time where the team were separated not only from each other, but also from the community, we found new ways to connect and tame the beast that is social media. We saw success in our Facebook page with the numbers of followers increasing by fifteen per cent! NACC NRM also officially arrived on Instagram in May and will use this medium as a tool to further grow our community reach.

Adapting to increased online communications has presented an opportunity for the NACC NRM team to meet more regularly with passionate NRM professionals and volunteers from across the state. Video conferences have been of enormous value in reaching more people across the Northern Agricultural Region and into other parts of WA, and this medium of engagement will continue to be instrumental in NACC NRM’s operating model into the future.


Program Overviews

Aboriginal Participation

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Aboriginal Participation Program Overview
Program Highlight

Aboriginal Participation

Sustainable Agriculture

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Sustainable Agriculture Program Overview
Program Highlight

Sustainable Agriculture

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"The size of our region and the range of issues are such that we cannot hope to improve the condition of the regions’ natural resources, unless we have meaningful and productive relationships across the breadth of the community. I look forward to broadening and deepening our collaborations and partnerships across the region, and to the opportunities and resilience that this will generate."

Katherine Allen, CEO

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Funding By Source

Australian Government-NIAA 40.29%

Australian Government-Other 51.47%

State Government 0.15%

Local Government 0%

Other 8.09%


Funding By Program

Biodiversity 36.18%

Coastal & Marine 2.18%

Indigenous 42.40%

Sustainable Agriculture 16.9%

Other 2.35%


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