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Annual Report 2018-2019

Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

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Chair's Report

"On the face of it NACC NRM, at the end of the 2018/19 year is a very different organisation to that of twelve months ago. I am, however, pleased to say that, in many important if intangible regards, it has retained the characteristics that have marked its success over many years."

General Manager's Report

"The period between 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 has been for many reasons one of the most challenging in NACC NRM’s history - owing to the significant change in organisational structure and significant reduction in our scope of activities."

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"On the organisational front, under the leadership of Katherine Allen, the NACC NRM team has adjusted to the new circumstances and has maintained NACC NRM’s long record of high achievement in regards to efficient project management and delivery, and has often gone beyond contractual limits to add value to the projects and undertake additional work, consistent with the organisations’ broader objectives and philosophy."

Rob Keogh, Chair


Community Reach

It’s A Girl….. And A Boy!

That’s right – NACC NRM’s Malleefowl naming competition was held in April and we decided that NACC NRM is big enough for not just one, but two Malleefowl.

We had some great suggestions via Facebook, Twitter and email but the winning idea came from local Geraldton resident – who suggested that NACC NRM should get two birds and call one Mal and the other Lee.

Mal and Lee now reside one in each of our offices – Perenjori and Geraldton. But don’t despair, they will get plenty of opportunity to visit each other and the region itself.

In fact, during the 2018/19 year the NACC team took Mal and Lee out in the region as we got to get out and about visiting some of our partner organisations and community members while participating in workshops and field days.

Keep a watchful eye on Twitter for Mal and Lee, to see where we are headed to next. And follow the  hashtag #MalleefowlMascot to stay up to date with their adventures.

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Program Overviews

Aboriginal Participation

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Aboriginal Participation

Sustainable Agriculture

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Program Highlight

Sustainable Agriculture

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"The focus of 2018/19 has been on steadying the ship and I believe the team has weathered the rough conditions ably. The team and I now turn our focus to consolidating the achievements of 2018/19 and look forward to new opportunities in natural resource management and the adoption of more ecologically sustainable practices across the Northern Agricultural Region community."

Katherine Allen, General Manager

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Sustainable Agriculture


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