2017, a huge opportunity to advance NRM in Western Australia

With a West Australian state election scheduled for next month (Saturday 11 March), 2017 provides a perfect opportunity for everyone interested in achieving truly sustainable natural resource management to put this high on their list of priorities for our state’s immediate future.

Western Australia’s seven Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions are certainly doing so, as they have for many years whilst being instrumental in achieving substantial community-based sustainability achievements over the past two decades – all conducted in collaboration with committed community groups and individuals.

Collectively, the seven groups – which operate under the banner of “NRMWA” – have been “strategically partnering with community to improve sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and social outcomes across Western Australia.”

To find-out more about this strong partnership, please visit the NRMWA website – and have a look at some of the excellent case studies and publications.

I’m particularly proud to have a couple of case studies showcasing NACC projects:

And a couple that we’re involved in with the other six NRM groups:

One of the publications worth reading as we head into this state election is the “NRM Futures” two-pager.

The document highlights some of the strengths of WA’s seven Regional NRM organisations, including:

  • Being non-partisan, pragmatic, community-focused organisations.
  • Working with the knowledge that Western Australians value the sustainable management of our natural resources; our landscapes, and the unique animals and plants within them.
  • Having organisations and structures in place with a proven, cost-effective track record in effectively and strategically delivering the nation’s major National Landcare Programme goals for Western Australia.
  • Representing the whole community across regions and their NRM priorities – which are clearly identified and prioritised in the seven regional strategies. We have a powerful community base, and demonstrated capability to work with communities effectively.
  • Operating through strategic partnerships with governments at all levels – federal, state and local – and adding significant value to maximise return on investment. Our commitment is to continue to bring new investment into Western Australia, to leverage investment, and to ensure it achieves real and lasting on-ground outcomes.
  • Being ‘not-for-profit’ organisations, allowing us to deliver a range of services and activities sought by the community, but no longer able to be provided by government agencies. We have a proven record of doing this efficiently and effectively using agile and innovative approaches.”

As the document states: “The outcome we want is engaged communities and sustainable resource management across the whole state.”

“We want to actively engage more strategically with State Government and leverage off our existing and future Australian Government investments to maximise the returns for WA.

“The seven regional NRM organisations are working together collaboratively and collectively to make it easier for State Government to engage with us strategically. We have a common vision and strong commitment to ensure that natural resources are managed with and for our communities.

“Now is the perfect time to work together.”

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