WA’s Northern Agricultural Region group sign “Collaborative Charter”

19 December 2015

When it comes to achieving truly sustainable agriculture – across any region, anywhere around the world – it will undoubtedly take a collective effort, with all relevant groups and individuals working in collaboration.

For such groups and individuals in the Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) of Western Australia, the message and benefits of “working together” is well recognised, and appreciated, and has been embraced by local leaders in NRM and sustainable agriculture with open arms.


A number of the groups from the NAR put policy into practice this week with the signing of the state’s first Sustainable Agriculture Network “Charter for Collaboration” at a regional groups’ round-table meeting in Mingenew.

The Northern Agricultural Region Sustainable Agriculture Network (NARSAN) aims to magnify the impact of individual groups in order to build a resilient and sustainable agricultural system for current and future generations.

The NARSAN charter was initially signed by seven of the 22 groups in the region at the Mingenew meeting, and having received a comprehensive endorsement by those who signed on the day, there is an expectation that it will eventually be signed by all relevant groups in the region in the coming months.

NACC CEO Richard McLellan, who orchestrated the network initiative, said the motivation behind the formation of the NARSAN, and the charter, was primarily to catalyse and cement cooperation among the groups, but the eventual potential outcomes of that collaboration could be much, much more.

“There was an amazing spirit of joint good-will at the charter-signing meeting, with a real commitment made by all participants to seek and secure the advantages that are to be gained from a much more collaborative style of working together,” he said.

The group will meet every four months, and has already outlined an umber of collaborative actions, including to develop a communications plan, to organise a regional Sustainable Agriculture Conference, to immediately seek synergies and support for current projects that are being undertaken, to investigate future collaborative opportunities, and more.

For more information on the NAR Sustainable Agriculture Network (NARSAN) or the group Charter, please contact Stanley Yokwe, NACC Regional Landcare Facilitator at: Stanley.Yokwe@nacc.com.au or 9938 0105.

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