Precious habitat protected

Beautiful remnant bushland is peppered all over the Northern Agricultural Region, and this patch is no exception.

One difference (from many patches) however, is that this 53 hectares of remnant vegetation is a banksia woodland (or should that be wonderland?), which will soon be protected as part of NACC’s habitat fencing incentive scheme.

Located on Wayne Boys’ property, just north of Northampton, the bush is now being protected from wandering livestock which can damage native vegetation by eating it, trampling on it, and spreading weeds.

Thanks to the NACC fencing subsidy, this valuable banksia woodland will be protected from livestock impact, which will simultaneously help protect native animals and plants on the same piece of land. NACC staff recently visited the property to conduct a vegetation survey as part of the assessment process to evaluate the condition of the site, under the watchful eye of expert and experienced botanist Jenny Borger.

Giant Jewel Beetle joined in while NACC staff were out in the field.
Giant Jewel Beetle joined in while NACC staff were out in the field.














As well as verifying the quality of the bush and its eligibility for the scheme, the survey also provided a great chance to enhance plant identification skills of NACC staff in a classroom “full of wildflowers”. Many plant species were identified, and the lesson was also visited by a Giant Jewel Beetle. Wayne Boys, like many farmers in the Northern Agricultural Region, is proactive in managing his farm’s natural assets – through activities such as weed management and fencing remnant vegetation.  NACC is proud to assist these efforts.

NACC’s Biodiversity Program Habitat Fencing Incentive Project is funded by the Federal Government’s National Landcare Programme.

NACC is still on the hunt for more quality habitat to protect. To find out more about this project get in touch with your local NRM Officer. Or visit the Habitat Fencing Incentive page.

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