Protect your patch of bushland- a habitat for hundreds

NACC wants to help farmers protect their patch of bushland
NACC wants to help farmers protect their patch of bushland

07 August 2015

Don’t beat around the bush… protect it!

NACC is offering a new round of financial assistance to help land managers protect and restore remnant vegetation on their properties.

By helping protect this special natural asset, more can be done to improve the extent, connectivity and condition of habitat that supports native animals and plants.

Expressions of interest are now being sought for project funding, which is being offered through the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council’s Biodiversity program.

Program coordinator Dr Jessica Stingemore said the incentive would not only help protect remnant bush land, but could also assist land managers and farmers with weed and pest control.

“We are looking forward to working with local farmers to protect our region’s beautiful, but vulnerable species,” she said.

“If your patch of bush provides habitat for animals such as Carnaby’s Cockatoo, Malleefowl or Western-Spiny Tailed Skink, we would love to hear from you.

“The funding incentives that we are offering will not only help protect valuable remnant vegetation, but can also be used to control pest animals and weeds, as well as reducing wind erosion issues.”

The Northern Agricultural Region (NAR) boasts two of Australia’s 15 biodiversity hotspots, making it a “hotspot within a hotspot” in the internationally recognised Southwest Australia Biodiversity Hotspot.

The latter is Australia’s only global hotspot, known for its wealth of plant diversity, meaning that conservation action, such as protecting remnant vegetation and native flora and fauna within this globally significant area, is crucial.

Sadly, the NACC NRM region has a growing list of almost 180 plants and animals that are listed nationally as threatened – and many of these depend on remnant bush for survival.

Farmers could receive up to $3,500 per km of fencing.

If you would like further information about this incentive or NACC’s Biodiversity Program, please contact Jessica Stingemore at or on 9938 0106.

This incentive scheme is part of NACC’s Biodiversity Program delivered on behalf of the Australian Government as part of the National Landcare Programme.

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