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photomon iconPhotomon is a smartphone application that has been designed to improve the quality of data collected by environmental photo-monitoring programs. The app has been developed by the NACC with funding from Coastwest.

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One of the simplest and unambiguous ways to detect environmental change is by taking regular photos of exactly the same place over time. Photo-monitoring can be used to document change for a wide range of studies; from seasonal growth of algae in a rock pool to the effects of grazing on vegetation over a broad, sweeping landscape.

Photomon incorporates features aimed at simplifying the photo-monitoring process and increasing its accuracy. Extensive testing shows the app addresses many of the issues arising from the use of digital cameras for photo-monitoring. It is also useful for streamlining processes for volunteers and managers.

The app improves the quality of photo monitoring data by:

  • Overlayed transparent reference photos for consistent FOV’s;
  • Automatic labelling and uploading of monitoring photos using cellular network or wifi;
  • Allowing much program coordination to occur via the database,
  • Reminder function to prompt the next photo.

Photomon will be useful for coastal and land managers who are looking to develop their own environmental photo-monitoring programs. It has flexible options for a range of photo-monitoring uses:

  1. “Demo” mode allows the app to operate as a stand-alone tool suitable for use by individuals and small groups;
  2. NACC currently operates Photomon configured to a dedicated database which is administered by the app developer. Third parties wishing to use Photomon with the same database can enter into a financial arrangement with the app developer to provide the service. Please contact NACC for further details;
  3. Photomon is covered by the GNU General Public License and as such can be altered to facilitate connection to a different database, please contact NACC for further information.